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Player Information:
Name: Aroihkin
Age/18+?: Yes, I am over 18.
Contact: Dreamwidth PM.

Character Information:
Name: Astronema
Canon: Power Rangers
Canon Point: At the very end of the in space season.
Age: Unknown, guessing late 20s.
Type of Character: Canon

Please watch this music video I cut together back in 2010, as it's relevant to every section of this app and really highlights how I see her. :)

Setting Concepts:

Power Rangers as a setting is usually borrowed from Sentai, over in asia. In Space is Astronema's specific season, and it was initially meant to be the last. Power Rangers just wasn't doing so hot over here anymore, so this was to be the curtain call. Fine, okay, at least they could go out on a cool sci-fi bend and get off Earth, right?

When the producers got the footage from the Sentai equivalent, they got some crappy virtual reality plot instead of anything involving actual... you know... space. So they took the props, they took some of the footage, and they made their own plot and story. This is the only season of Power Rangers to do this. There is no Astronema in Sentai!

And since it was their swan-song, they let themselves get as dark as they wanted.

Here's a sample of how dark her season got. Zordon. Come on, anyone who's ever seen any classic Power Rangers knows this guy:

Basically the embodiment of all that is good. The source of most Ranger teams' power. Truth and justice and flowers and all that shit. God, to Dark Specter's devil. ...And Astronema's season is the one that killed him. For reals. They didn't cheap out on his death; he never came back.

Rumor has it the lead writers of In Space were fired for making it so dark. I believe it. Shit gets awfully post-apocalyptic in PRiS, especially after the villain wins.

(Don't worry, kids, she gets deus ex machina'd in the last ten minutes of the season, after everyone found out there'd be more seasons. But she did win! And if it had been the last season of Power Rangers, that's the note it would have ended on.)


"'Trust'. That's a tough one. But... I'm working on it."

Here's the thing about Astronema... to explain her personality, I have to at least somewhat explain her backstory. Astronema was born 'Karone', a human of the planet colony KO-35, and destined from a young age to grow up to be that planet's yellow ranger. On planets not as backwater as Earth, ranger teams' identities aren't a secret, so she knew this, her brother -- destined to be the red ranger -- knew this, etcetera.

So did the villains. Kidnapped by Darkonda, brainwashed and raised from a young age by the side of evil, Karone grew up to become Astronema... the final experiment in a line of kidnapped human 'sorcerers' who never quite lived up to expectations. She did. It's no surprise that her energy manifested as purple, the opposite of yellow -- it uses the same channels as her Power Ranger powers would have used. And that's the difference; none of the previous kidnap victims had been child Rangers.

Astronema was one of Dark Spectre's most trusted minions, and she spent decades raining wrath down on the entirety of space in a mad hunt to kill every single Power Ranger she could, for she'd been told from a young age by her trusted adoptive father that they had, in fact, killed her brother and parents. It may seem dumb, but she was really little when they got ahold of her. And they didn't just brainwash her through mundane means.

Eventually, Astronema encountered Andros' team of Rangers, and subsequently began playing with them like the little mice they were. It's not until she finds out Andros' identity that we start to see something of Astronema besides the prowling, confident predator of the stars that she is.

The key to her chaotic personality is the concept of trust. Astronema goes to great lengths to be untrustworthy. But if you trust her anyway, she can't help but prove herself worthy of it. And if you don't trust her, she will delight in twisting the knife in your back.

This is shown to us as she assists or betrays the Rangers and Dark Spectre in turn, depending on how she's treated. I could go down the list of instances, but this isn't supposed to be a background section, so let's just boil it down to "it happens a lot".

Playful, easily bored, raised by monsters -- literally, away from other all other humans -- Astronema is first and foremost the singular, brilliantly-sparkling source of chaos and "the grey area" in a world and setting that is all about pure good versus pure evil. Through her, we see monsters that are better people than humans are, and we see the hubris of her Ranger brother who seeks to change her as much as Dark Spectre ever did.

She helps the Rangers, she betrays Dark Spectre, she's brainwashed again... and again... and again, all through her life, so that now there is just layer after layer of brainwashing making up her mind. Sometimes, even Astronema doesn't know what she intends to do until she does it.

Astronema calls herself the Queen of Evil; and it's true, she did conquer the entire known vastness of space in the name of Evil. But in reality, she is the Queen of Chaos, the wrench in the gears of all of that neatly-divided 'good' and 'evil'. In a setting of pure black and white, she's the one grey speck. She's the only one to cross the border between good and evil, let alone repeatedly. (In the season after the one I play her from, in fact, she becomes a Ranger after all. But, that's after yet another wave of brainwashing.)

So basically, she adds nuance and ambiguity to an otherwise over-simplified setting. And that's both who she is, and why I adore her as a character. Especially when I can take her out of that simple setting and let her stretch her legs properly.


As you can see, it varies. Astronema is played by Melody Perkins, so she's the "base", but everything from her hair to her clothes can change with the wave of her arm.

Her hair changes whenever she gets bored, pretty much. The real differences are her normal clothing, which I headcanon is her corrupted Ranger morph:

And the armor additions:

Which is just a breastplate and pauldrons over the usual stuff. Her gauntlets seem to be armored, but she wears them all the time that way.

Though when she first shows up she's going to look like:

And that thing on her head is an implant, so that's a thing she can't just magic out. It's going to periodically fritz out and cause her a lot of pain until she gets it removed. (We see it do that in the show. It was put there to enforce that final 'evil' brainwashing, but all the conflicting layers of brainwashing makes it react poorly. Especially now that it's not actively reinforcing anything.)


Sorcery; mostly flinging purple lightning, summoning things and creatures (she won't have any creatures to summon, here, until if/when bought later with points). Teleportation, at-will. When we first meet her, we immediately see her absorb a bolt of red power from a previous villain's staff and convert it to her own purple and dissipate it into sparks because she can. That's pretty unheard of before she just casually did it at a party.

She can change her appearance as often as she changes her mind, although always with her base human appearance -- we never see her turn into another human entirely (not of her own power, anyway) or anything nonhuman. Basically if you can get Melody Perkins to look like it with the right wardrobe and basic, not-monster makeup, she can do that to herself with the wave of a hand.

We do see her mind-control the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at one point, but it's the only time we see her do that. We also see her turn an enemy to stone... once. I'd say that since we see these abilities only once each, they take a lot of preparation of some sort and can't just be done at-will.

There's also the time she uses her power like this, which I'm not sure how to quantify. Her powers seems to work 'however' at any given moment, outside of the teleporting and zapping and summoning bits.

We also see that she's a damn good shot with a bow, but we only see it the once on camera. Unlike those spells, I'd say she uses a bow more often off-camera, or she wouldn't have been so well-practiced.

Hand to hand and staff fighting:

She can fight multiple Rangers and hold them off without even having to blast them.

The staff (Wrath Staff) can amplify the lightning she can fling off her hands and make it a lot stronger. Enough that a reflected blast from her own staff nearly killed her.

She's also pretty good with a sword:

(If it isn't clear, that was her being a troll, not clumsy.)

She also has a boomerang she throws with some ridiculous accuracy.

Note that her skills are entirely her sorcery, subterfuge, and her fighting/hunting abilities. While this does make her very powerful, she's not so good at... well, anything else. Like knowing how to pay rent. Or make friends. Stuff that'll be more relevant in the day-to-day on the game.

I mentioned subterfuge above: she manages to play Dark Spectre like a fiddle after the final wave of brainwashing turns her 'full evil' and eliminates her loyalty to him. This doesn't make her a master manipulator, however; Dark Spectre thought her loyalty intact and unquestionable... she was just smart enough to make use of that fact when it was no longer true. That said, she's good at playing people in general, in order to enact that trust game I mentioned in her personality.


The Wrath Staff, her boomerang, the locket around her throat, and the 'cyborg' gear she's in at the end of the season, including that damn cranial implant. The staff and boomerang will both be tucked away until her power resurfaces in a day or so, as she has to summon them.

Soul Gem:

Iridescent chalcopyrite, teardrop earring, left earlobe.

Writing Samples:

Third Person:

-----Recent Test RP: ( The thought made her smile as she toyed with her locket. )



[The console comes on to show Astronema, her long and curly purple hair neatly hiding the implant on the side of her head. She flashes the camera a brilliant smile, full of pearly white teeth.]

Hello, planet.

[What a weird greeting, right? It's a turtle, silly.]

It's my understanding that we're all stuck here, so let's try to make it entertaining, shall we?

[There's that sparkly smile again.]

Tell me your definitions of good and evil. Easy, right? Well then, let's hear them.


Another music video I did of her, this one in 2008 (youtube was lower res back then):

And another from 2010:

(Hey, it beats having to watch a whole season of Power Rangers, right? :D)
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